Panda Hit 1.0.0 Full APK

Games : Panda Hit
Genre : Arcade
Version : 1.0.0
Size : 42MB
Android : 4.1 and up

This legend has its origins in the ancient land, where the fine line between light and dark part of the world. For many millennia, the dark and light side not in contact with each other, separated only by the Great Wall, carrying their burdens to the beginning of time. The peaceful creatures who live in harmony with nature, were quiet and measured life on the bright side. No signs of trouble. But for a thousand years older than the evil on the other side walls kopilo forces. And now all this power, called the Legion of Darkness fixed his gaze far beyond the border wall, which for many years divided the world! Now, over a flowering, covered with bamboo forests and sunlit world is under unprecedented threat! However, the ancient legend foretold these events! It states that there is a black-and-white hero who can stop an ancient evil and save the beautiful world from a terrible fate!
Feel like a great warrior! Fight hordes of evil creatures and save the Legion of Darkness paradise of the world! It is you - the last hope.

Infinitely many exciting battles
Dynamical environment and weather conditions
-Unique Opponents possessing personal characteristics
-Raznoobrazny Arsenal that can be pumped to your liking
-Magicheskie Ability overturning the tide of battle
-Flexible System pumping skills of the character
-Ability To upgrade defenses

Download :
Panda Hit 1.0.0 Full APK [42MB] - Mediafire Link

Panda Hit 1.0.0 Full APK [42MB] - Openload Link

How to Install :
1.Install APK 

Tested on Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Pro,Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,Google Nexus 5

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