Legendary Knight MOD APK 1.1

Games : Legendary Knight
Genre : Action,Running
Version : 1.1
Size : 52MB
Android : 4.1 and up

During a date with Arthur the chevalier, Princess Daphne is kidnapped by Synge the Dragon 
She’ll be turned into a Lady dragon once Synge finds all the magic Crystals !
Time is running out ! Do you got what it takes to find the Crystals an set Daphne free ?
Run avoiding minions and obstacles .Temple Tower is right ahead , go and face the Dungeon Boss
Love Endless Runner ? This much more ! This is a revolution !
Ride your brave horse !
Sail wild rivers with your swift boat !
But beware, it will be not easy ! Ghost and goblins are engaged to stop you anytime !
Defend yourself using Shields and Blades . Brim of walls are useful to escape from enemies instead
Use Potions and back to life with your magic carpet.


- Use CheckPoints to continue from the last 'Dragon Door' and get closer to your kidnapped princess
- Roll over pots and chests to find secret items and coins !
- Unlock secret characters,
- Kill enemies to find secret items !
- Complete sidequests to collect items and extra coins !
- Many different armors to select from
- Old School gameplay for hardcore gamers
- Win special chests
- Dash & Swipe to avoid obstacles
- Owls are good to evade from difficult areas

What’s In The MOD:
Unlimited Money (Money Increases instead of decreasing)

Download >>> Legendary Knight MOD APK 1.1 [52MB] - Zippyshare Link

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